Top 5 Things To Do In Kandy, Sri Lanka & How To Do It As A Vegan!

Kandy is a wonderful city to explore in Sri Lanka if you have a day or two.  You can see how locals live as well as travel as a tourist with a variety of different things to see and do including visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the grand Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha statue, Kandy Lake, a traditional Kandyan Dance and Drum Show, and dinning out at vegan friendly restaurants!

How To Get To Kandy:

It is around a 3 hour drive from Colombo to Kandy (if hiring a driver) or a 4 hour train ride.  The trains from Colombo to Kandy are cheaper than renting a car and a great experience although they do break down a fair amount.  These trains are part of an authentic Sri Lankan experience and are definitely worth your money if you don’t mind a slightly slower trip.

Cost: Colombo to Kandy costs around 600 – 1000 LKR per person equivalent to $3.30 – $5.50 USD

Check out the Sri Lankan Railway here!

kandy train

Another option is renting a Tuk Tuk for a few days which can be really cheap if you find the right deal considering you could drive it around Kandy and back or to another city and not have to book, pay for, or organize other transport.

Cost: 3000-4000 LKR total (depending on the deal and how long you are renting the Tuk Tuk for) equivalent to $16 – $22 USD

Where To Stay In Kandy:

Accommodation in Kandy is really affordable and can be really nice.  When backpacking, my partner and I always stay in hostels as it is the most affordable, usually has some type of restaurant attached and is the best way to meet other travellers from all over the world.  Some days when we are travelling we just want a day to be lazy and chill out and if you’re staying at a hostel there is usually people around to play cards with or hang out with.

We stayed at the Kandy Backpacker’s Hostel which we found on our favourite and most reliable website

We were super happy with our stay there as they provided clean bunk beds, a group dinner every night where you can watch and learn about the dishes being cooked (and also get the recipes), as well as a simple but decent breakfast of toast with jam and/or butter, a banana and eggs.  As a vegan I just ate the toast with jam and made sure to have a big lunch somewhere where I could get vegetable curry and rice (all Sri Lankan vegetable curries are vegan by default), samosas, vegetable roti and/or a smoothie.

Cost at the Kandy Backpacker’s Hostel:  We paid $34 USD for 2 people & 3 nights stay which breaks down to just $5.60 USD a night per person.  Super affordable price.

If you check out or, you can look at the other hostels in Kandy and their ratings & reviews as there are many to choose from.

Things To Do In Kandy:

There are some super great things to see in Kandy but it is not a place where you would want to spend more than 2-3 full days as there are not endless things to do.  We found 2 full days was sufficient before moving on to Ella.

Top 5 Things We Recommend Trying In Kandy:

kandy botanical gardens 21

1. The Royal Botanical Gardens

These gardens were incredible!  We stayed there for a full day without even feeling like we made a dent in the park.  It is built like a small city with sidewalks leading you throughout the park in a variety of different directions.  It is extremely well done considering they host over 2 million visitors a year! At the entrance they give you a map which shows you all the different types of trees you will see and a bit about them which we found super helpful.  Our favourite was the giant bamboo and learning how fast they grow! This experience made Kandy for us and satisfied our desire for a bit of nature. The park is also home to the most incredible orchid house, cactus house, and lake shaped like Sri Lanka.  It is a beautiful and romantic place to spend a full day if you want to pack a lunch or go to the cafe there for lunch (although it is more pricey than other cafes).

kandy botanical gardens 14

kandy botanical gardens 17

Check out more about the Royal Botanical Gardens here!

Cost: 1500 LKR per adult over 12 yrs (overseas tourist) equivalent to $8.20 USD




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2. Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

This temple is one of the most sacred in Sri Lanka as well as Kandy’s main tourist attraction.  This temple is special as it is home to one of the Buddha’s teeth as well as some gorgeous architecture.  Many tourists come from all over the world to Kandy to see this 16th century temple (which has had many additions since then).  The evening is the busiest time to see the temple, although there are various rituals and offerings carried out throughout the day.

temple of the tooth

Dress:  Make sure to dress appropriately when visiting the temple.  No shorts, short skirts or muscle shirts. Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.  Take off your hat and shoes before entering into the temple.

Cost: 1500 LKR plus 100 LKR to mind your shoes (this is mandatory at the temple although it shouldn’t be necessary – When my partner and I were there, we seen a family not pay for their shoes to be minded and they left them outside the temple.  After the family walked in, an irritated man working at the shoe storage area came and chucked the shoes out of the entrance area and onto the sidewalk below.) We suggest for a 100 LKR, you just pay for your shoes to be minded so nothing happens to them.

temple of the tooth 2

3. Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha statue

The Big Buddha can be seen from almost anywhere in Kandy is located on top of a hill giving you a magnificent view of the town below.  Be sure to dress appropriately and enjoy the sightseeing from the Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha statue.

Dress:  Make sure to dress appropriately when visiting the temple.  No shorts, short skirts or muscle shirts. Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.  Take off your hat and shoes before entering into the temple.

Cost: 250 LKR plus a small tip to mind your shoes (around 50 LKR)

Here is an interactive 360° video of the Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha statue.

4. Kandy Lake

Kandy Lake was built in 1807 in the center of the town.  It is quite large and beautiful to take a walk around. There are lots of street vendors around the lake selling pineapple with chillies, fresh fruit, roti, and samosas for you to enjoy while you take a stroll.  Make sure to keep an eye out for different types of birds, fish and monitor lizards that have made the lake their home.

Cost: Free


5. Kandyan Dance and Drum Show

Every evening in Kandy, there are live Kandyan Dance and Drum shows.  They are very lively, beautiful, and colourful although targeted at tourists, it is exciting to watch a Sri Lankan traditional dance where they play with fire.  The traditional dance is said to have come from Kohomba Kankariya which is an exorcism ritual which came from Indian shaman who came to Sri Lanka, later being adopted by the island people.  The show is performed by percussion only using a Geta Beraya (drum) and semi-repetitive. If you are into live performances or dance, be sure to check out a Kandyan Dance and Drum Show.

Cost: 1000 LKR ($5.5 USD)

kandy dance 1

Where To Eat Plant Based In Kandy:

Use or the mobile app to find vegan and vegetarian options wherever you are! (not sponsored)

  • Soya Food Center (mainely wraps, sandwiches and ice cream – suitable for vegans and vegetarians)

Hours: 8am – 6:30pm

Location: 116, E L Senanayake Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

  • Shri Bhawan Dosa (variety of south indian dosas including pol roti, vada, aloo bonda, and dal vada suitable for both vegans and vegetarians)

Location:  Yatinuwara Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

  • Ganga (traditional Sri Lankan vegetarian food buffet including curry and rice, coconut sambol and lots of greens!  Most is naturally vegan)

Hours: 6:30am – 5pm Mon – Sat

Location: Colombo St, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Hours: 9am – 9pm

Location: 77 Colombo St, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 20000

  • Cafe Secret Alley (All day breakfast including smoothie bowls, avocado toast, waffles, speciality coffees, and juices.  Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.)

Hours: 7:30am – 6pm

Location: 10/1 Kotugodalle St, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 20000

I hope you enjoyed tips & tricks on what to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka as a vegan.  You really can make plant based living doable anywhere. Comment below and let us know what you would like to see and do in Kandy or if you are planning to go there!


How To Have A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year In Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Christmas in Chiang Mai was definitely an adventure this year; different from my usual snowy winter wonderland holidays back in Canada.  It was green and warm, bright with lights and lively street markets, shows, shopping bazaars and cool, delicious plant based coconut gelato.  Even though I missed my friends and family back in Canada during the holidays, a Thai Christmas was really something special!

85% of Thais are Buddhist and 14% are Muslim, leaving the last 1% covering all other world religions, so Christmas in Thailand is not really classified as a holiday.  However, Thais love to celebrate Christmas with traditional holiday music, decorations, trees, and lights that fill the city. They put a lot of work into selling christmas cards, wrapping paper, presents, Christmas hats, and ornaments at the bazaars and put on a ton of shows including live bands and Christmas cabaret specials.  They actually capture the spirit of Christmas really well and love to wish westerners a very Merry Christmas wherever you go.

So what is there to do in Chiang Mai for Christmas?

1. Brunch at Rustic & Blue: After having a nice relaxing sleep in with your family and loved ones, stop in at Rustic & Blue for an incredibly delicious breakfast/brunch.  Their menu items are more on the pricey side but they offer incredibly delicious creative dishes including coffees, smoothies, smoothie bowls, eggs benedict, chicken and waffles, and more.  They offer many vegan menu items as well as vegetarian, pescatarian, as well as meat dishes. They speak great english and are very cautious with allergies. My partner has a serious peanut allergy and we have never once had an issue.  I would give this restaurant a 5/5 rating and recommend it to anyone, it has both indoor and outdoor seating with a lovely atmosphere. Check out there menu here!

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Address: 2/1 Nimmana Haeminda Rd Lane 7, Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200

Hours: 8:30am-10pm everyday (special hours on New Year’s Eve & Day and Buddhist Holidays)


2. Go Shopping: The Maya mall in Chiang Mai offers a ton of holiday specials giving 50%-80% off many items.  Starbucks also puts on a promotion where you can buy any drink and get the second free on Christmas and from Dec.16th to Jan.3rd you can buy any holiday drink and get the second one free also! Whatever crazy double espresso, mocha, latte, frappuccino, crazy drink you normally order, get one for you and your friend for the price of one!

Maya Mall 1

When: 11am-10pm everyday

Where: 55 Huaykaew Rd, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300

3. Ping Fai Festival (Fin Market): A night bazaar that starts at 4pm until 12am from December 21st-28th, where you can get great deals, shop, eat, and enjoy free concerts!  Get to know the locals and try some authentic Northern Thai cuisine or any other type of food you desire. The festival even has large fire pits where you can roast marshmallows for 20 baht and buy cheap cocktails in small buckets.  It’s a wonderfully bizarre bazaar, where you can fill your night with magical moments with friends.

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When: 4pm-12am, December 21st – 28th

Where: One Nimman & Think Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand


4. Explore the Anusarn Market Night Bazaar: This night bazaar is one of the best Chiang Mai has to offer!  It is on every night of the year and has everything a local or tourist could want or need.  There are tons of food options on their own or in food courts. It has grocery shopping & dried fruit sold in bulk for a low price, bargain clothes or tailor made, entertainment like the Thai Ladyboy Cabaret Shows & live music, postcards, keychains, tourist keepsakes, cheap massages (offered at around 100 baht for 30 mins & 160 baht for an hour), pedicures & fish spas, as well as any other handmade souvenir trinket you desire.  You do not want to miss out on this market, it has everything and a great safe atmosphere to go by yourself, with family, or friends. Christmas at this market is special as they give you exceptional discounts and have Christmas trees and lights put up everywhere.

Anusarn Market 4

Where: 149/24, 149 27-28 Changklan Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Hours: 11:30am-12am midnight although the night vendors usually arrive at 6pm and this is when it turns into the night bazaar

Tripadvisor reviews

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5. Watch a Thai Ladyboy Cabaret Show: Who doesn’t love a good laugh on Christmas?  The Thai Ladyboy Cabaret shows will lift your mood and get you in the holiday spirit!  They have such entertaining, comedic numbers filled with humour and good laughs while they also put on very seductive, well choreographed numbers where they grace the stage with their stunning beauty.  The shows are around an hour and start at 9:30pm so maybe catch one on Christmas Eve or Christmas day after a nice dinner.

Ladyboys 1

Price: Tickets sold at the door, 350 baht per person including a free drink and a seat at a table with bar stools (buy tickets an hour or two in advance)

When: Every night at 9:30pm, special holiday shows choreographed for Christmas

Where: Anusarn Market Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai, Thailand

How To Get There: Catch a tuk tuk or a songthaew and tell them to bring you to the night market, usually costing 50-100 baht per person, per trip (the price usually doubles around 10pm or late at night)

**Warning:  To the men who are not comfortable being pulled up on stage or flirted with by Thai ladyboys, do not sit in the first 3 rows because they will incorporate you into the show (like this guy)**

6. Take a Thai Cooking Class: Take part in an authentic Thai cooking class where you get to learn to make 5-7 traditional northern Thai dishes.  Starting the class off at a food bazaar where you get to pick and learn about the ingredients you will be using before heading back to the class to cook and finally dig into the delicious dishes you have prepared!  Don’t worry my plant based foodies, if you email ahead and ask them, they will always help you to change all the recipes into vegan versions using tofu and soya sauce instead of fish sauce & meat.

Find a cooking class that works for you on tripadvisor!

They also offer a cooking class at Vegan Heaven for only 1200 THB per person.  The class starts at 10am where you cook 5 dishes, get a free recipe book and get to enjoy eating your meals after!  Maximum 4 people and a pre-booking is required with 50% deposit because the location is notorious for tourists signing up then not showing.

When: 10am

Where: Vegan Heaven  on 44/6 Loi Kroh Road

Look up reviews on tripadvisor!

7. Get a Massage: In Chiang Mai there are tons of places where you can get a good massage for cheap (around 200-300 baht).  Most places have tons of options depending on what type of massage you are looking for.  Although be warned, if you go to a massage parlour on Loi Kroh Road, this street is known for being the center of Chiang Mai’s Red Light District.  Loi Kroh Road is full of tattoo shops, bars, pubs, and massage parlours. If you are strictly looking for a professional massage make sure you check out the massage parlours on google or tripadvisor first and then look at the reviews and lastly, before confirming your massage make sure the place is busy, in the open, and has more of a family atmosphere.  If the ladies are wearing a masseuse version of scrubs, that’s a good sign but if they are wearing a little mini dress and heels, you will get a very different type of massage.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.26.21 AM

Massage parlours highly rated on google:

When: 9am – 12am

Where: 10 Loi Kroh Rd, Tambon Chang Khlan, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100

In my experience, this place was good and professional despite being on Loi Kroh Road but it was too gentle for my taste, although a lot of people have enjoyed the massages from White Orchid.

When: 10am-10pm

Where: Rachadamnoen Rd, Sri Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200

  • Zen Spa and Massage Chiang Mai

When: 10am-10pm

Where: 6/1 Taewarit Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300

When: 10am-9pm

Where: 4/2 Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200

** Make sure to check with the reviews on google and tripadvisor before booking a massage to suit your needs and preferences**

8. Go on a hike:  For the adventurers out there, Chiang Mai is gorgeous and close to so many incredible hikes.  

Top three recommended hikes:

  • Wat Pha Lat to Wat Doi Suthep – one of Chiang Mai’s most popular hikes and a perfect mix of culture and adventure!  
  • Doi Pui to Doi Suthep – Beginning on the top of Doi Pui mountain and hiking through thick evergreen forest and hill-tribe villages, ending at Doi Suthep Temple.  
  • Huay Tung Tao Circular Hike – Hiking around the beautiful Huay Tung Tao lake, passing the Mook Waterfall and many bamboo huts along the side of the lake where you can chill out and enjoy a picnic lunch.  Make sure to pack some hardy snacks and lots of water!

Culture Trip has more information on these hikes if you’re interested!

  • Bua Tong “Sticky Waterfalls” – An hour and a half drive outside the city of Chiang Mai, these falls are unique because of the specific mineral deposit in the rock that makes the rocks especially grippy (like a hardened sponge).  This allows you to climb directly up the rock while the water is pouring down towards you making this climb refreshing and a thrilling adventure. Because you are committing to a full day of travelling, hiking, and exploring, make sure you bring lots of food, water, a hat, sunscreen, and extra clothes since you will probably get wet.  It is recommended to bring a big picnic blanket to lay on during lunch since you’ll need a break from climbing and adventuring.

Check out Tieland to Thailand for more information on this hike!

9. Get a Tattoo:  If you are a tattoo enthusiast, Chiang mai is definitely the place for you!  There are tons of professional, clean tattoo shops for you to choose from depending on your style and artist preference.  Because of the constant tourist turnover here, getting an appointment within a few days is quite easy to do if you already have an idea or a design picked out.  They will tweak the design or draw you an entirely new one based on your requests. Here are a few highly rated shops we recommend:

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.32.38 PM

When: 9am – 12am

Where: 44/2 Loi Kroh Rd, Tambon Chang Khlan, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100

They require 1000 baht deposit to hold your booking through cash, paypal, or bank transfer.

We highly recommend this tattoo shop, as they did an exceptional job on my partners tattoo.  It is more gorgeous then we could of ever imagined.

When: Noon – 7pm (Closed Sunday)

Where: 14/6 Nimmana Haeminda Road Lane 13, Chiang Mai 50200

When: Monday to Friday 11am – 8pm (Saturday 1pm – 8pm & Closed Sunday)

Where: Nakornping Condominium, 2 Rajchaphrunk Road Chang Purk Amphur Muang Chiang Mai 50300

When: 1pm – 6pm

Where: 74 Ratchavithi rd., Sriphoom, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

When: 11am – 7pm

Where: 77/3 Samlaan rd, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200

** Make sure to check with the reviews on google and tripadvisor before booking your tattoo to suit your needs and preferences**

10. Work With Elephants:  In Chiang Mai there are many places you can volunteer to work with elephants and rehabilitation centers, protecting them from poachers and being abused in shows.  Although be careful to look online on google and tripadvisor at reviews to make sure that you are going to a legit rehabilitation center and not paying money to exploit these beautiful animals.  If they advertise “riding elephants” on the website/pamphlet, this is a bad sign that the elephants have been or are being abused to stay docile. Do your research first.

Elephant 1

Bon Voyage Thailand is the best website I have found to help you choose the right elephant sanctuary experience for you! 

Elephants 2

11. Fireworks for New Years: Celebrate entering into the new year with some Thai fireworks at Thapae Gate (although be warned, it will be packed, every year Chiang Mai attracts over 5 million people, many of which are here during the holidays)!  Along with the fireworks, you’ll also see tons of lanterns lit and released up into the sky, although beautiful these lanterns are known for being quite detrimental to the environment and contribute to Chiang Mai’s pollution and waste problem.  So because of this I recommend not buying your own lantern, just go out and enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebration with the locals and tourists, grab a fruit smoothie and have fun.  In every corner of the city there is a New Year’s Eve countdown so you’ll be sure not to miss it! There will also be tons of street vendors on the streets, live bands, and performances so you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy during the New Year’s Eve celebration!

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.32.44 AM

Beautiful photo taken by The Shooting Star Blog, where she has more insight on the New Year’s Eve celebration in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I hope you now have some ideas of what you, your friends, and family can do to enjoy the holidays in Chiang Mai, Thailand!  Best of luck and comment below if you would like more information on a specific topic or have any other information for our readers!



Exploring Galle, Sri Lanka In One Day, Plant Based!

Gall 7

Galle is a beautiful coastal city, 130 km south of Colombo.  It is definitely high on my list when visiting southern Sri Lanka, as it is the perfect mixture of history, beach, and culture.  There are some amazing things to do in Galle, even if you are just there for one day, like we were. I hope this guide helps you experience Galle for the charming seafront city it is.  Here is a list of our top things to see when you are in Galle:

Gall 3

1. Take a Walk: In the 17th century Galle was controlled by Dutch merchants who built it up for the purpose of running the East India Company out of it.  During that time, Galle was a walled city surrounded by thick ramparts that were so large people could walk along them. The city was heavily guarded, you will still be able to see some of the old canons propped along the wall.  

Gall 9

When in Galle make sure to take a walk along these ramparts and throughout the Fort.  You will be able to see the lighthouse, an old prison, the clock tower, and will even get to watch school children practicing cricket.

Gall 6

2. Experience the Dutch Architecture: When walking through Galle you will notice how the city feels very european.  The extremely impressive Dutch buildings are still used today giving Galle a very charming and unique feel.  Make sure to walk along the Dutch Hospital, the Groote Kerk, and the Amangalla hotel.  

Gall 10

If you are into museums, the Maritime Archaeology Museum also is quite fascinating and has lovely Dutch Architecture as it used to be a Dutch warehouse.

3. Have lunch at Coconut Sambol:  This all you can eat Sri Lankan curry & rice buffet is definitely worth a try.  It is extremely delicious and authentic. They have 7 different Sri Lankan curries, rice, and coconut sambol that they make fresh everyday.  It is quite a cozy restaurant with only 3 tables available but that is almost better, as it allows you to connect with the cook and the locals who run Coconut Sambol.  All the vegetarian curries in this restaurant are vegan by default so no worries my plant based buddies!

Other honourable mentions for lunch using the Happy Cow App:

4. Go Shopping: Galle has amazing shopping!  The city is full of charming boutiques where you can buy souvenirs and goods.  Galle is also known for its gems, jewelry, and handmade sarongs.

Gall 8

Stores I recommend:

  • Stick No Bills:  This store specializes in beautiful Ceylon posters (Rs 3000) and postcards (Rs 350).  If you are looking for memorable souvenirs, take a peek in this local shop and pick up a postcard to send home to your family.
  • Barefoot: Beautiful boutique selling colourful handmade local clothes, linen, jewelry, crafts, rugs, gifts, children’s toys, and books.  If you are looking for the most beautiful handmade children’s toys, you hit the jackpot!

Galle is incredibly close to Unawatuna, the beach town in Galle known for its swimming and surfing!  After spending the morning walking around Galle, soaking up the history and having a lunch of endless rice and curry, you may want to kick back and spend the rest of your day in Galle on the beach in Unawatuna.

Gall 11

5. Go surfing: On the beach in Unawatuna you can rent a surfboard for cheap or take lessons with Surf South Sri Lanka if you would like to learn the basics from local surfers.

6. Go Swimming: Kick back and play in the waves, Unawatuna’s kid-friendly beach is the perfect place to spend an afternoon!  Along the beach there are plenty of relaxing spots and delicious restaurants to enjoy!

7. Coffee at Kat’s:  Kat’s Coffee is a highly recommended cafe in Unawatuna open from 9am-6pm.  It has delicious cake, coffee, and fantastic internet! After a long day touring around Galle, get yourself a “pick me up” coffee and sweet treat while checking uploading your gorgeous photographs of Galle online to share with your friends and family.

8. Grab Dinner: Unawatuna has a few tasty restaurants with vegan options for you and your friends to grab dinner at.  Here are our favourite places:

  • Koha Surf Cafe & Lounge: Serving western food and juices.  Many dishes can be prepared vegan.
  • Sri Dhara Restaurant: Serving traditional Sri Lankan dishes, many which are traditionally vegan.  They also offer a cooking class if you are interested in learning how to make Sri Lankan Curries! 
  • Love Gelato – a gelato restaurant which prides itself on having over 60% of their flavours being vegan! 

Gall 1

I hope you enjoyed my list of how to explore Galle in just one day while plant based.  If you have any questions or thoughts please share in the comments below!

All You Need To Know For Vacationing In Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka As A Vegan

Hirikitiya 3

Hiriketiya is known for being a great beginner surf beach and hippie yogi spot in Sri Lanka. It is beautiful with sandy white beaches and clear aqua blue water. Relaxed during the day with comfortable tanning chairs put out all around the beach for anyone to use while also having super cheap surfboards to rent 3 steps from the ocean and delicious homemade Sri Lankan food for sale all along the beach. Hiriketiya also has a bit of nightlife with excellent classy restaurants all along the beach selling fruity cocktails and lion beer. It is the perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of Colombo, the cool knuckles mountain ranges and thick jungle in the north.

When my partner and I went to Hiriketiya, we used to find our accommodation. There are tons of options to choose from in this small surfer town as the majority of the income in Hiriketiya is from tourists. We stayed at The Dream House which was absolutely wonderful. The family who lives in the main level of the house have the whole upstairs converted into a suite where you can rent out one out of three very nice bedrooms attached to a private bathroom while also sharing a well equipped kitchen and clean comfortable living room with the other renters. It was perfectly clean and well kept, making us feel right at home. We had a large comfortable queen bed and private outside bathroom and balcony. It was such an experience seeing the monkeys jump across the trees right outside our balcony, causing mischief and grief to the dog.

Hirikitiya 15

If you are looking to book accomodation in Hiriketiya, we definitely recommend checking out these: is great for showing you all of your accomodation options in one area while also make sure to cross reference with reviews on to make sure you are happy with your choice.  Also if you can, try and book your accommodation through the official website instead of third parties, we have found that it can save you a bit of money.  But if you can’t, and are great websites for booking your accommodation.

  • Hiriketiya White House – £24 a night / $31 USD a night
  • Dream House (where we stayed & 50 meters from the beach!) – £25 a night / $32 USD a night
  • Dots (highly recommended & where we would recommend staying as you get a free breakfast from the restaurant which has AMAZING food, not to mention a ton of plant based options and your own adorable bungalow 1 minute from the beach! They also have yoga classes multiple times a day in a variety of styles to give you a nice stretch before or after surfing) – £35 a night / $44 USD a night
  • Salt House – £67 a night / $85 USD a night

Hirikitiya 2

The beautiful Dream House 50m from the beach.

Finding things to do in Hiriketiya was easy as life is slow paced and simpler there. During the day there are many different styles of yoga to choose from at a variety of locations including Dots and the Salt House. Both of these locations I recommend as they have a cafe attached with healthy plant based options that you can nourish your body with after class. Each yoga class is super affordable at around:

  • 1200 – 2000 Sri Lankan Rupees / $6.60 – $11 USD per class

Hirikitiya 11

Along the beach there are also two main places where you can rent surf boards. Renting these boards is super cheap and they are the same price at both shops:

  • 500 Sri Lankan Rupees per hour / $2.75 USD


  • 1500 Sri Lankan Rupees per day / $8.30 USD

Hirikitiya 6

Swimming in the ocean is also a super fun activity and free in Hiriketiya! What is so great about swimming in this location is that you can wear your bikini and not feel out of place or like you are getting stared at all the time as the majority of the beach is western tourists. You will see the locals swimming in long shorts and t-shirts but in Hiriketiya it is perfectly acceptable to wear a western swim suit. The water is also very safe, there are no sharks or harmful fish. Jellyfish are not a big worry there. Although there are a few sea urchins there but because the water is so clear and they are black, you can spot them right away. My partner and I were barefoot the whole time and we never had an issue. It was actually pretty crazy to see how the local children kept picking up the sea urchins and tossing them into the jungle (poor sea urchins) while the parents didn’t even bat an eye. If kids were doing that in the west, I could only imagine the panic on their parents faces, oh my…

Hirikitiya 5

If you are heading to the beach in Hiriketiya, here is a list of things I recommend having in your beach bag:

  • Sunscreen – it is hot, take care of your skin
  • Sunglasses – it gets extremely bright on the beach as the clear blue water and white sand reflect a ton of sunlight
  • Hat
  • Cover up or Kimono – save your skin and cover up during the hottest periods of the day (11am-2pm)
  • Swim wear – it is so hot, you’ll definitely want to jump in the ocean every now and then
  • Rash Guard – if you are planning to surf
  • Water – drink up and stay hydrated, don’t just binge on fresh mango & passion fruit juice as you’ll feel pretty rough come supper time
  • Snacks – If you have specific foods preferences or you can just grab some delicious food at the beach like Sri Lankan Roti, Samosas, Koththu, Pad Thai, Coconut Water, and Fruit Juices
  • Towel
  • Beach Blanket
  • Book, Sudoku, or Beach Games
  • Flip Flops – you don’t want to be wearing shoes, they WILL get full of sand
  • Cash – many places in Hiriketiya only take Sri Lankan Rupees, so make sure you stock up as it is definitely a bit more expensive for food and drinks in the south

Here is a quick link to a premade print off checklist for you to add to for your beach trip!

Hiriketiya Packing List


Leave your wallet & passport secure in a safe in your room, do not keep it on you at the beach as you will probably want to take a dip in the ocean and do not want your important things getting taken or lost, remember you are only on vacation and still need to think about making sure you can get home.  Also keep your cash in a secret place (a book sometimes works) or secret pocket in your bag. Hiriketiya is touristy so most backpackers and tourists respect each other enough not to take other people’s things but you are in a foreign country and not everyone has good intentions.

Now we have come to my favourite part of Hiriketiya, the food! Us vegetarians and vegans really are lucky when it comes to travelling around this surfer’s dream. Many restaurants have super fresh, organic produce and many plant based options. Sri Lanka is really great at having vegan options. They almost always have coconut milk if you ask and sometimes even soy. Also all the authentic vegetable curries are naturally vegan as they ALWAYS use coconut milk and do not use fish sauce or shrimp paste like in Thailand.

Hirikitiya 13

The magic Thai School Bus

The food around the beach was exceptionally good authentic Sri lankan food, although not the healthiest for us passionate, health conscious foodies. If you’re treating yourself while on vacation and want some tasty cheap food, the bus on the beach was our go to. They had amazing fresh juice, wicked samosas, roti, koththu, and stir fried rice. Many vegan options are available as they do not use any animal products in the vegetable, coconut, or banana roti, vegetable samosas, or fruit juices (unless it is a lassi), but be aware, if you want to try Koththu, it is not vegan unless you specifically ask for no egg and they understand you. Most Koththu is cooked with egg. As well here are a few restaurants for us healthy, plant based travellers after a long day on the beach:

Hirikitiya 9

Hirikitiya 14

I hope you enjoyed my tips for vacationing in Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka! Please leave a comment below if you are planning to go and want any more information or if you have already been and have any additional information for our readers!

Have fun and go explore!

Ideal 3 Day Amsterdam Tour Guide

Amsterdam is a city like no other and it is definitely on my list of top 5 favourite cities.  It is friendly and easy going, a place for families, young couples, nomads, tour groups and people from all over the world.  Amsterdam has something for everyone.

Amsterdam is unique with its tall brick buildings, gorgeous canals, historic Dutch homes, grand museums, and well kept green spaces and parks.  It has a relaxed quality of life with its small cozy cafes, smoke shops (coffeeshops), Vondelpark and Oosterpark, while it is also one of the cultural capitals of the world.  With all the art, it’s rapidly growing entrepreneurial scene, international cultural feel, and countless world-class museums.

Amsterdam buildings

When my partner and I visited this famous city it was when we were living in Bristol, UK and I had a long weekend off from teaching during February.  We had not known much about Amsterdam at the time, just it’s iconic main attractions such as the Rijksmuseum, the canals, the Anne Frank house, and the red light district; although we never realized just how much the city had to offer.  

When we bought our airline tickets we found it was cheapest to fly out of London, UK straight to Amsterdam, Netherlands by EasyJet.  It cost my partner and I around £80 total for our flights.  We tend to always search google flights for the lowest cost on airfare before searching the individual airline websites.  Here are the airlines we found to offer fairly good rates round trip:

When we arrived we stayed in an Air BnB, hosted by this peculiar Dutch man who was extremely welcoming.  He even bought us oranges and showed us around the neighbourhood so we would be familiar with the best places to eat before riding his bike down the spotless brick road and off into the night.  We stayed in the quiet neighbourhood of Javastraat which was around a 30-45 minute walk into downtown Amsterdam where we could explore the museums, the red light district and the beautiful historic city.  Since we only had a few days here in Amsterdam it was nice to get out into the hustle and bustle of the city during the day, squeezing in as much as we could then returning to our quiet Air BnB flat in the evening to lay down, relax, and chat about everything we saw during the day.

We recommend staying in an Air BnB flat during your stay if you are with your family, a few friends, a partner, or just like your quiet time in the evening to unwind.   Although we have also had great success staying in hostels when we travel, especially when travelling solo so you are able to meet people and have friends to explore the city with.  It all depends what you are looking for during your stay. Here are our favourites and the most reliable sites that we use to travel in Amsterdam:

If you’re like most and you only have a few days to explore Amsterdam, here are a list of our top 5 things to experience as a tourist in Amsterdam.  Although be warned, once you start exploring Amsterdam, you will most definitely fall in love and return to your hostel each night craving more.

Amsterdam Windmill.jpg

1. First on the list is Body Worlds.  At first when my partner was trying to describe it to me, suggesting that we go there I was confused and a bit freaked out but I gave it a chance and went anyway.  I am so thankful that I went since this was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. You do not have to be interested in the human body, anatomy, or even science to enjoy this museum.  Seeing these cadavers in a variety of positions with all the organs, skeleton, ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels in perfect position will truly make you appreciate the human body for how intricate and incredible it really is.  You can go with your family, partner, friends, or solo and have a wicked time. It is super affordable at only €15 per adult (with the online discount) or €22 without the discount and has many different floors that you can go through and explore the human body and the effect of happiness on your health.

2. Coming in second place would be Rijksmuseum.  The Rijksmuseum is the Dutch national museum with collections of the arts and the history of Amsterdam.  It is famous for holding Van Gogh pieces as well as the Rembrandt exhibition. Adult tickets are €17.50 per person, again quite affordable and definitely worth the money as you can easily spend an entire day in the museum.  There is a nice cafe in the museum as well if you need a break from reading and taking in the endless history that the museum has to offer. The Rijksmuseum also offers group tours if you would like one to be arranged.

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Rembrant.jpg

Amsterdam Ship Model.jpg

3. Hortus Botanicus – a botanical garden in the Plantage District of Amsterdam – would be our third choice.  It is one of the major tourist attractions in the city and contains over six thousand tropical and indigenous trees and plants.  There is so much thought and care put into the Hortus Botanicus, it really was a one of a kind experience. Every Sunday they offer free entry-level guided tours that starts at 2pm as well as they have themed tours on various days throughout the year including the journey of coffee and seeds tour (more information is one their website).  Entry tickets are one of the most affordable we have seen in Amsterdam at  €9.50 per adult and only €5 per child, student, or senior citizen (over 65).

Amsterdam Botanical Pond.jpg

Amsterdam Botanical Garden.jpg

4. When we asked a local what he recommends doing most in Amsterdam, he told us to rent bikes, so that’s what we did.  I have to admit I was super skeptical as I am not the most talented at cycling but since Amsterdam was built for cyclers with their own bike lanes throughout most of the city we thought we’d give it a go.  Cycling is a great way to explore the city on your own, with a partner or by taking a guided tour. It is far cheaper than taking public transport plus you get loads of exercise without even trying while on vacation (such a bonus!).  Wherever you are staying in Amsterdam, within a short walk away there will be a rental shop where you can rent bikes, get fully set up for your day cycling through Amsterdam and learn the rules of the road. Cycling throughout Amsterdam helped us take in more of the city, the parks, and travel around way faster than on foot, we highly suggest renting bikes whether travelling alone or in a group.  From our experience here are a few road rules that will help you stay safe while on tour:

    • Always signal: When you are crossing over lanes or turning always use the proper cycling hand signals to avoid accidents by sticking your arm straight out
    • Lock it up tight: When renting a bike, the clerk will always show you how to lock up your bike right so that your tires or bike can’t be removed or stolen.  Bike theft is huge in Amsterdam so make sure you pay attention to the correct method and double check your lock.
    • Listen and watch for other traffic:  Often motorbikes will zip past you in the bike lanes, so stay tight to the right side of the bike lane and don’t be chatting with your friends side by side or you may get hit or the fellow citizens of Amsterdam will be frustrated with you.
    • Do not drive distracted:  Like driving a motor vehicle, do not use your phone while cycling, keep your headphones off, and watch out for other cyclers.  Keep up with the pace of traffic, and do not follow the examples of Amsterdammers breaking traffic laws, which they are notorious for.
    • Stay in the bike lane: These lanes are marked by bicycle symbols and thick white lines on the right side of the road.

Amsterdam Bikes

5. In fifth place we have the Sexmuseum (if you are 18+) which is such a fun way to spend an afternoon in Amsterdam with your friends, followed by a walk through the famous Red Light District.  These places are signature tourist attractions for a reason.  The Sexmuseum or Venustempel (the Temple of Venus) is the world’s first sex museum.  The museum seems tiny when you enter but grows in such quirky ways to become a maze for sensual love through the ages.  It shows different styles of love in different eras and demonstrates how natural sex is. The entry fee is only €5 so I would highly recommend it for a laugh if you have an hour or so in the area.  The Red Light District is likely exactly how you picture it, full of sex shops, museums, brothels, bars, and pubs, although because of the popularity of the street with the tourists it is not very dangerous at all.  The Netherlands prides itself on it’s free and tolerant attitude towards people being who they are and for those who may be into prostitution, it gives people a way to experience their desires in a safe and regulated way.  In Amsterdam, even though prostitution is not legal on the streets, it is allowed if the prostitute is behind a window and in their own room. So when walking down the famous street in Amsterdam you will see for yourself how the Red Light District got its name from the red light hanging above the windows where women are working.

Amsterdam Water.jpg  

This is how my partner and I spent our time in Amsterdam over a few days and we had an absolute blast!  Comment below if you’ve been to Amsterdam, what your favourite part was or if you are planning to go.

Hope you have some ideas of how you too can explore Amsterdam in just a few days.